Energy Guard Windows

The legacy of the Energy Guard window dates back over four decades. In 1958, a German-based company, Rehau, first introduced vinyl windows to the United States. Today, Rehau is a multi-billion dollar worldwide manufacturer of vinyl and other plastic products. Rahau has grown to be a major supplier to customers such as Mercedes Benz, Ford Motor Co. and Bell Helicopters. The Energy Guard window has been designed using Rehau extrusions to make the best window possible.

All Energy Guard windows are custom built-to-size for your home. Each Energy Guard order is individually processed giving you a choice of seven colors, ten glass options, and a multitude of configurations. The Energy Guard window features the strongest warranty in the industry. They are guaranteed not to fade, splinter, warp, or crack for as long as you own them. The Energy Guard casement and double-hung windows carry an American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association grade 80 rating, qualifying them for commercial or residential installations (most carry a grade 30).

All Energy Guard windows are supplied with double-strength 7/8” insulated glass as standard, where other vinyl windows use single-strength. Double-strength glass creates a stronger window that helps eliminate accidental breakage and also
insulates much better from unwanted noise.

The design of the Energy Guard window
combines maximum glass viewing area with
the attractiveness of an exterior beveled look. Quadruple weatherstripping and interlocking sashes restrict air infiltration to an absolute minimum. The Energy Guard window offers the strongest structure in the mark
et. Take a look at the inside of our window. More structure, more strength, thicker vinyl walls. Compare the Energy Guard to any other window, inside or out, and you will see why Energy Guard is the clear winner…the clear choice.

Double Hung Windows

The Energy Guard double-hung window has a
beveled exterior for an original architectural
look. To compliment your window, custom
arch-top windows and transoms can be
custom built.

The Energy Guard double-hung window is
clearly the best designed. Patented European
style and engineering ensures a lifetime of
carefree operation. Since all Energy Guard
windows are standard with double-strength
glass, you will notice how quiet your home
or business will be.

Double-strength high-efficiency insulated glass, tilt-in cleaning and quadruple weatherstripping create a window of unparalleled quality. Studies show that
new windows will return the majority of your purchase price when you sell your home. New Energy Guard windows just make good sense.

Bay & Bow Windows

Energy Guard bays & bows create a dynamic new
dimension to any room. Available in casement,
double-hung, or picture windows, the Energy
Guard Bay and Bow units literally expand your
room and your view.

Energy Guard bay and bow windows are constructed
for carefree living. The head and seat board are
complete with an exterior laminated vinyl skin for
easy installation and weatherproofing. All Energy
Guard bay and bow systems include adjustable
overhead support cables which carry the weight
all the way through to the base of the window.
Insulated head and seat boards with the vinyl
skin laminates are on all bay and bow units.
Bay windows are available with 45-degree or
30-degree angled projections while the bows
are available in four-, five-, or six-window
designs. Beautiful oak head and seat boards, as
well as side boards, allow you to stain or paint to
match your interior woodwork.

Slider & Picture Windows

The Energy Guard horizontal slider offers an
alternative to the double-hung when your
architecture calls for a classic style window
that slides from side to side. The Energy
Guard slider also lifts in for easy cleanings.
Available in both two-lite and three-lite sliders,
the Energy Guard boasts the highest American
Architectural rating of any slider in its class.
Energy Guard picture windows are available
in all configurations including trapezoids,
circle-tops, ellipticals and triangles. For the
view or your life, let your imagination be
your guide to the windows of your world.

Casement & Awnings

The Energy Guard Casement and Awning
windows are designed for easy operation and
maximum glass space. The double stair-step
edge construction creates a fortified seal
from the cold, heat, wind, and rain. The
multi-point (single lever) locking system on
the casement units provides ease of latching
with a single movement. The Energy Guard
Casement and Awning windows are designed
to fit together with all Energy Guard windows,
which makes it possible to create views that
are unobstructed yet offer ventilation.
Casement windows can be used along side
picture windows or in bays and bows for
full ventilation.

Glass Options

• Bronze Reflective
• Gray Glass
• Laminated Security Glass
• Tempered Safety Glass
• Smoked Glass

The Ultimate Spacer System Super Spacer®

Super Spacer® is an optional glass spacer system made of a non-metallic solid silicon foam. Super Spacer® has millions of tiny insulating air pockets. Super Spacer® won’t
conduct energy like traditional metal spacers yet can achieve conduction and condensation rates 29% better than metal spacers. Super Spacer® is a dual seal system and has flexible strength nearly eliminating stress cracks or seal failures.

Top Performance Through
Intelligent Design & Materials

• Frame and sash corners are fusion welded for air tightness and durability.
• Extra inner walls add insulation & strength.
• Beveled outer frame creates softer lines.
• All sashes open for easy cleaning from inside.
• Smooth tilt latches maintain clean lines.
• Internal screw bosses ensure strong, sturdy hardware attachment.
• Heavy-duty locking system enhances security.
• Continuous lift rail for easy sash operation.
• Outside sloping sill promotes water runoff.
• Integral interlock system with weatherstripping adds security and reduces air infiltration.
• Four weatherstripping seals on head and sill, make this window tighter; most other
   windows have only two.
• Screen track for full or half screen.
• Snap-in glazing bead allows easy glass replacement from inside.
• Double strength 7/8” thick insulated glass is standard on all units.


Considerations When Selecting Frame
Materials for Windows:
100% Rigid
Vinyl Clad
Will it Remain Structurally
Strong For Years of Trouble
Free Service?
Does Heat or Cold Transmit
Throught The Material?
How Many BTU's Per
Hour Are Lost?
Is It Warm To Touch Even
When It Is Winter Outside?
Only The
Vinyl Is
Will It Require Painting or
Other Regular Maintenance?
Yes, If
Very Often
Yes, If
Will Scratches Show a
Different Color Material
Under Paint?
Yes, On the
Does It Pit, Rust, Rot or
Warp in Inclement Weather
Conditions or By Natural
Will Pit
Does Soap and Water
Cleaning Make The
Material Look New Again?
Yes, On
Vinyl, No, On

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