3 Season Sunrooms

The WeatherMaster® Enclosure System combines the open feeling of a screen room and the comfort and convenience of a three season sunroom. It does this by utilizing the unique design of the WeatherMaster vertical window system. This window system features durable weather resistance View Flex, extruded aluminum frames and sashes, stainless steel hardware and fiber mesh screens. Our unique design makes ventilation up to 75% possible.

Screen Room to Sunroom Conversions

Style, safety and flexible
designs are the cornerstones of the WeatherMaster®
Vertical Window System. Made in four colors and
specifically designed for
porches, screen enclosures
or even gazebos, the
WeatherMaster® system is
easily installed and can
covert any of these areas
into your favorite three
season room in the house.
The guide tracks allow
smooth operation, opening
each window up or down for
up to 70% ventilation.
These maintenance free
units are all custom made
to fit your openings exactly
and come with a 10 year
warranty against factory

All Season Sunrooms

Bring the Outdoors Indoors Beautifully!

It’s safe to say that most of us love being outdoors. On any given day, if we had the choice to relax in front of the TV or to kick back in a comfortable chair outdoors, the answer would be a simple one. But like most of us, the thought of being outside during the dog days of summer or during the winter’s painfully cold winds and

snow, or the incessant attack of bugs the size of small pets – we will usually opt to remain indoors.

C-Thru Sunrooms is proud to offer you a beautiful solution to experience the outdoors indoors, all year round! Now you can enjoy beautiful summer and winter days, dramatic sunsets and watch the snow fall from the comfort of a new climate-controlled C-Thru sunroom!

Beautiful Curves Ahead!

C-Thru’s Curved Eave Sunrooms have become the industry standard for beauty and quality craftsmanship.

The curved eave style sunroom is truly our premier sunroom and has been a favorite for many years. The curved eave and glass adds a gentle and elegant touch with its smooth transition from walls to roof.

These beautiful sunrooms offer you nearly unobstructed views of the outdoors – whether it be a starry night or a stunning sunset.

Distinctive Design Flexibility

C-Thru’s Straight Eave Sunrooms offer a distinctive look and flexibility that are ideal for most homes and installation parameters.

Our straight eave style sunroom allows you to create a year round paradise with distinctive lines that will accentuate the existing architecture of any home.

These classic sunrooms offer you a private place of escape or a special place to entertain – depending on the mood you’re in.

What’s more, C-Thru offers several room package choices and upgrades. You can add things like ceiling fans, roof shutter systems and outdoor porch lights.

Create a Design Masterpiece

One of our most beautiful Sunrooms is the refined English Conservatory style.

These well-appointed conservatory details add a touch of class and sophistication to your Sunroom that attracts attention, engages emotion and will most likely draw a few envious comments from your friends and neighbors.

There are all sorts of reasons to choose a C-Thru Sunroom: design, quality, value, craftsmanship, durability and attention to detail. This attention to detail has resulted in our English Conservatory Sunrooms. Simply beautiful!

Breathtaking Charm & Grace

The C-Thru Garden room has all the charm and grace of our Sunrooms and features the added beauty of our highly insulated Weather-Guard roof system. Your room will remain bright and inviting, staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Your new Garden Room will quickly become the most lived in room in your entire home!

The C-Thru Garden room offers a unique feel with its gable roof design. The vaulted cathedral ceiling and the peaked front wall give a very rich and spacious impression while allowing plenty of indirect light in.

Our Garden Room is the perfect fit for those wanting a sunroom but with a little more of the “room” feeling.

A Room for Every Reason

It’s true that Sunrooms create a beautiful and dreamy retreat for you and your family. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself inhabiting your new sunroom more than any room in the house!

By day, your sunroom may become an expansive kids rec room, hobby room or home office. By night, your sunroom may quickly be transformed into a magnificent entertainment area or a romantic getaway. The uses are nearly as endless as the view on a starry night.

Not Your Ordinary Patio Enclosure!

Since its introduction more than three decades ago, C-Thru’s Patio Room has evolved into the perfect blend of beauty, functional design and affordability.

We have taken the Patio Room from ordinary to extraordinary! Starting with our insulated WeatherGuard roof system, your new room will have a level of year round comfort not seen in most other Patio Enclosures. Plus, with our extensive list of options and upgrades, like, sliding glass doors, French doors, glass kick plates and upper transoms, you can transform your Patio Enclosure in to a dream come true!

Superior Features Make Superior Rooms!
The New Generation of Energy Efficient Sunrooms

C-Thru’s Smart Glass does the thinking for you – keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Up to:

• 4 times less heat gain AND 4 times less heat loss
• 5 times less ultraviolet destruction
• 4 times more insulation than our closest competitor’s glass!

DuraLite™ by C-Thru Roof & Window Glass

Available only from C-Thru, our exclusive DuraLite glass comes standard throughout our rooms.

Up to:

• 8 times stronger than residential window glass
• 10 times more scratch resistant than acrylic
• 2 times more clarity than other glass
• Safer for your family and virtually indestructible!

Super Spacer® sealed Health Smart Windows™

When you see condensation inside a dual-glass window, that means the seal has failed. Our exclusive high performance dual glass is made using the latest technology in dual glass seals.

• Helps eliminate the possibility of mold
• Rated as the longest lasting insulated glass seal at 120+ years
• Helps eliminate the possibility of condensation

The new generation of energy efficient vinyl windows and sliding doors have fully welded construction and mitered corners combined with continuous weather stripping. Keeps the heat in and cold out.

• Reduced outside noise by up to 50%
• Nearly 1400 times better insulation than aluminum windows
• Nearly maintenance free
• Virtually eliminated condensation common to aluminum windows
• Won’t swell and allows for smooth operating in all climates

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